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I am humbled by and grateful for the strong support that many people and organisations have given me.

I cannot deny that this ordeal has been a huge challenge to my health, my confidence, and my sense of balance. But despite what I believe is true evil that I have been up against, I have in this hellish process met some of the most wonderful people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It is these citizens, ratepayers, health workers, legal advisors, and friends that have given me hope, and have made me utterly proud to be an Australian.


Anglicare Staff: Thank you for understanding, and for providing options forward.

Dr Ross Atkinson, Tremaur Medical Centre: I know it must have been hard to watch my health deteriorate through this process, but I thank you for doing what you could. I value and appreciate your patience and help.

Professor Tony Attwood: You brought me to myself, and you gave me the maps and dictionary for navigating medieval Japan. Thanks can mean a lot... it does here.

Dr Don Boden: Thank you for standing up and leading the charge for justice; you are an inspiration in so many ways.

Professor Franklin and Audrey Bridgewater: If I could have chosen my mom and dad, it would be you. I love you with all my heart, and I thank you for your generous kindnesses.

Michael Buck, Professional Coach, Buck International: Michael, I was listening. I promise. Someday, I will get through this, and I will be a better person for having spent time with you.

CATT Team, Launceston General Hospital: You guys saved my life. You were the friendly voice in the dark of night. Thank you.

City Mission staff: Thank you for the toilet paper and giving me back my humanity. It may seem like a small thing, but when I ran out and literally couldn't afford to buy more, you were there. Small thing, huge difference.

Dr Sennin Charles: I have found many moments of peace and inspiration through your words -- thank you! You are a god-send. And you are my favourite Zen Buddhist Monk!

Dr Kate Charlton-Robb (aka, Mrs Howie): Thank you for being witness to some of the worst of it, and sticking around anyway, always with a kind word, science with integrity, and a good hearty chuckle.

Rose Clark, Autism Tasmania: Thank you for being there and doing what you do. Your gentleness and kindness were my flower buds in the middle of the blizzard.

Peter Davie: Thank you for being a true friend, and for believing in both me and Patrick. You are a very special person.

John and Sue Davis: Thank you for your support and friendship - both mean a lot to me. I am looking forward to having you as neighbours!

Mike and Sadie Davis: Thank you for reaching out, no questions asked, and extending the hand of hope.

Patrick Filmer-Sankey: Sometimes, there just are no words... I took this job for the chance to work with you because so many others spoke so well of you. While I regret how this has turned out, I do not regret for a moment taking the chance. You are a man of great and admirable integrity: you took the bullet standing up for what was right. You are inspired and inspiring, and you will always be "my fearless leader".

Julia Gaynor-Brown, and Myles and Juliette: We met when I was in the depths of despair; I hope that one day we will be even better friends when I am functional to reciprocate your kindnesses.

Martin George: Thank you for having sex with me in my office -- I mean, I know we didn't, but since my staff unanimously complained that we did, I figure I might as well at least be gracious about it and say thank you.

Leigh Harper, Slater & Gordon: You are a true gentleman, and an honour to your profession. Thank you for your understanding, good advice and hard work on my behalf.

Rosemary Hooper: 'Rosie to the Rescue' in more ways than one! Thank you for being a sounding board, a confidante, and the voice of reason so many times.

Dianne, Jenny, Renu, and William, the Human Resources Staff at LCC: Thank you for trying and for caring. You guys deserve better than the bondage you have ended up in.

Glenda & John King: Thank you for understanding, and for giving me a chance.

Deb Lewis: I love you, Deb, you are an inspiration.

Georgia Luck: Thank you for your generosity in volunteering, your always cheery smile, and for introducing me to that fabulous goat cheese. I am really really really sorry about the timing.

Tom & Tina McGlynn: I have gained much comfort through these trying times in knowing that I have met some of the kindest people ever, in my journey through this hell. If I would not have gotten to know you except through this, then I am grateful for these events.

Frank McMahon: I have left my words to you as the last to write, because sometimes the most heart-felt things are the hardest to say. You didn't have to help me, but you did. And even though we have never met face to face, I have come to consider you not only an honorable man and a damn good industrial advocate, but a dear friend. Thank you, Frank, thank you.

David Morrell, Centrelink: You have taught me so much about coping with adversity and identifying priorities. Thank you, David, thank you.

Tony Newport, Newport & Associates Mediators: You made a noble effort to fix the problems. But I think even Buddha himself could not have fixed this one.

Staff and Residents at Orana House: Thank you for making me feel safe at a time when everything else feels like it's collapsing.

Lez & Roz Penzes: Thank you for the long walks, long talks, late night wines and late night whines. I love you guys.

Dr David & Denise Pepper: Thank you for your unwavering encouragement. It means a lot to me. Frances was right about you!

Martine Plakolovic, Prospect Mental Health: Thank you, thank you, thank you, I wish we had had more time.

Dennis Robson, and the Infrastructure team: Thank you for sooooo many things, practical and personal.

Dr Ian Sale, Psychiatrist, Hobart: Thank you for having the integrity to be honest.

Renu Sharma & Ralf Goetschenberg: You are dear, sweet people and lovely friends. I am sorry that you had to see me at rock bottom.

William & Ann Springham: Thank you for being there. You are very special people.

Lynn Strefford: Thank you for so many things - always a kind word, always caring, always positive; you are an inspiration.

Jane Taylor and family: Jane, my 'partner in crime' for all things zoological, my research assistant, my photo buddy, my right arm for getting things done, you didn't deserve to be sucked into this vortex. I am deeply sorry that it turned out this way; I had such glorious plans. But thank you for your dedication - you are an asset to science, and it will take you far in life. And Julie-ann, Kathryn, and Greg, thank you for your cups of tea, homecooked meals, and caring.

Liz Turner: I know it hasn't been easy on you, being friends with 'both sides', but thank you for never taking sides. You are a true friend and a dear person.

Sally, Nick, Mitchell & Ben White: Thank you for always a wise word, a great joke, a spiritual thought, practical advice, and a healthier way of looking at things. I feel honoured to know you.

Wolfgang & Lyn Zeidler: I love you guys, always have and always will. Thank you for being grown up enough to understand when I was unable to be.

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