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Please remember that no formal complaints were ever lodged against me, as required by our Enterprise Agreement. My Director and I essentially faced a white-anting torrent of mud, and enough of it stuck to sink us.

An incredibly large volume of petty and ridiculous complaints were made against me by the staff of the Natural Sciences Department of the QVMAG. These included disapproval of my fingernails, my tattoo, my unrinsed coffee cups, and my media style, among many others, along with an invasive and creepy fascination with my private life.

Some of these complaints and documents are outlined here, while the rest are being prepared for upload.

These include hundreds of pages of complaint submissions by my staff and others, to which I gained access on 23 December 2010 through the 'discovery process' in my legal case, and some 500 pages of the Sage Report, to which I am still attempting to gain access.


Throughout the hundreds of pages that I was given access to on 23rd December (about four hours before I was fired), the number and detail of petty and vindictive gripes is simply unbelievable. I advise the reader to make a pot of tea, find a comfortable chair, and relax. These gripes have been described as "Mills & Boon with an axe to grind". I hope you find this as entertaining as it really is.

If you want to read more of my staff's complaints, browse the list of their own documents.


My Fingernails


-- Statement by Judy Rainbird, personal notes given to Sage Investigator, June 2009



-- Statement by Craig Reid to Sage Investigator, 17 May 2010



-- Statement by Judy Rainbird, personal notes given to Sage Investigator, 27 April 2010; this is false, neither the volunteer nor I recall this taking place, and the volunteer in question, Ms Jane Taylor, has no manicuring qualifications (but is a really good zoologist!).

my fingernails

My fingernails - This is what all the fuss was about!

My Tattoo


-- Statement by Judy Rainbird, personal notes given to Sage Investigator, November 2009. Ms Rainbird made numerous judgemental remarks about my tattoo, including complaining to HR that I should not have been allowed to take annual leave time to get a tattoo because it was wrong.


Craig Reid was more creative about describing my tattoo:


-- Statement by Craig Reid to Sage Investigator, 17 May 2010. In fact, my tattoo is 90mm from the nipple region and requires no manipulation of clothing to be visible; I wore an everyday summer top which revealed the tattoo, on the advice to speed healing and reduce infection.


Mr Dobrzynski considered my tattoo to constitute sexual harassment, and appeared to have a disturbing fixation about my breast, whereas Council's psychiatrist did not:

Dobr tattoo

-- Original allegation against me by Robert Dobrzynski, 23 July 2010. I assume that he meant "inappropriate", rather than "appropriate".

Dobr Allianz

-- Statement by Robert Dobrzynski to Allianz Insurance, 11 August 2010. Apparently to Mr Dobrzynski, the key subject of the original allegation was 'my breast' rather than 'the tattoo on my breast'. I find Mr Dobrzynski's salacious escalation of this charge to be disturbing.

Tattoo Comments Ian Sale part a

-- Psychological Assessment Report, Dr Ian Sale, 30 August 2010

My Tattoo

My Tattoo - This is what all the fuss was about! In the above photo, I am wearing the exact same clothing that I wore on the day in question.


My Word Choices for Familiar Address


-- Statement by Judy Rainbird, personal notes given to Sage Investigator, July 2009. My familiar and affectionate forms of address could have easily been stopped earlier if those offended would have said something about it. Those offended by something not widely considered offensive bear some responsibility in making someone aware of their offense.


-- On another occasion, Ms Rainbird complained that she felt deeply offended when I addressed her emails with “Dear Judy” or “Dear Team”, because she felt that the use of the word “Dear” was demeaning and unprofessional. I have been unable to find this documented so far, but expect that it may well be in the Sage Report.


My Left Breast and My Private Life

I am disturbed by the amount of attention that has been given to my left breast and my private life, by my staff and Mr Dobrzynski.

As demonstrated above in the My Tattoo section, Mr Dobrzynski somehow warped my staff's comments about getting a tattoo on my chest, into "displaying ... a tattoo on your left breast" to "inappropriate exposure of her breast".

Of further invasive offence, my private life has been salaciously reported and exaggerated by my staff.


Craig Reid Comments by Craig Reid:


-- All from Statement by Craig Reid to Sage Investigator, 17 May 2010, and largely untrue. I am not a whore, and I would never refer to myself in this way. When discussing Mr Reid's upcoming whirlwind round-the-world travel, I conversationally said that for me, travel has lost some of the glamour, after the 11-week intensive Marine Stinger Road Show throughout QLD, where sometimes I didn't know which bed I was getting out of in the morning; in no way did this refer to sex. My comment about turning my phone off had nothing to do with sex, it was about the message alerts in the middle of the night while asleep. Martin and I never once left the building hand in hand or making any physical contact; the one embrace was when I was going through a difficult time with my staff and he was comforting me while I cried - there was nothing lewd or inappropriate about it.

Judy Rainbird Comments by Judy Rainbird:


-- Notes by Judy Rainbird, June 2009. My friendship with Martin George, the Planetarium Manager, was completely misinterpreted by my staff.



-- Notes by Judy Rainbird, 3 December 2009, in reference to being told by the Director that Natural Sciences was going to have Martin George as their supervisor for the next three months.


Tammy Gordon Comments by Tammy Gordon:


-- Statement by Tammy Gordon to Sage Investigator, 14 May 2010, and largely untrue. Mr George and I were never in any "Intimate Positions" in my office or anywhere else at work. Mr Filmer-Sankey and I do not, and never have had, a sexual relationship; any assertion or belief about this is entirely fabricated. The reason we spent a lot of time together after hours was unpaid overtime dealing with issues arising in my department.


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