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The scandal of my sacking and that of Mr Patrick Filmer-Sankey has taken place largely in secrecy. Numerous people have done things that were contrary to the public interest, relying on secrecy. This site was born because I believe that public servants should be accountable to those who pay their wages.

For everything that I have put up on this website site, I have done so in good faith regrarding its accuracy or provenance. Where possible, I have endeavoured to use my staff's, Aldermen, and Mr Dobrzynski's own documents and words, believing that they can speak volumes more than I possibly can. A brief perusal of even a fraction of these documents should be convincing that I never stood a chance.

I suspect that some members and employees of the Launceston City Council may not like my approach of using their original documents. In particular, the complaints that formed the substance of the Allegations against me were apparently obtained from staff by Council on the promise of confidentiality, and this promise was then publicly cited as the reason that I was denied the information. When I obtained many of these documents on 23 December 2010 at Mr Dockray's office, I was shocked at the content -- not so much because it says horrible things about me, but because I was sacked for such ridiculous reasons.

Finally, if my words or actions cause anyone offense or discomfort, I do sincerely apologise. The purpose of this website is to twofold: A) to clear my good name, and B) to provide a means for the Ratepayers to better understand what I believe is secret mis-handling and wrong-doing with their Rates dollars and trust. If anyone is uncomfortable with the truth, then I am saddened that they feel that way... but that does not give them exemption from accountability. On the other hand, if I have done something wrong, then I absolutely should be held accountable for it. But I don't believe I have.

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