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INAPPROPRIATE ALdermanic Involvement



Aldermen are bound by Codes of Conduct and laws stipulated in the Local Government Act (1993) and its Regulations (2005).

It appears that many breaches of these laws and regulations may have been made wilfully by the Mayor and Aldermen of the Launceston City Council; some are outlined below.

A full detailed examination of the Aldermanic misconduct issues can be found on Patrick Filmer-Sankey's website:


Ian Norton Rosemary Armitage Annette Waddle Albert VanZetten

Ian Norton Rosemary Armitage Annette Waddle

Albert van Zetten


According to the Local Government Act 1993, and its Regulations (2005), there is supposed to be a clear separation between the Elected Representatives of Council and the Operational personnel. In particular, Aldermen are not supposed to involve themselves in operations.

In this case, Aldermen did become involved when they shouldn't have, and I believe, failed to become involved when they should have. These matters have been thoroughly treated by Patrick Filmer-Sankey on, so I will only briefly summarise them here:

  • Clear written evidence exists of Ian Norton, Rosemary Armitage, and Annette Waddle meeting with my staff in matters relating to their complaints against me - these items if evidence are both in Ian Norton's own letters, as well as two of my staff, Tammy Gordon and Judy Rainbird.
  • Prior to becoming an Alderman, Ian Norton was made redundant by Patrick Filmer-Sankey in 2007 from his job at the Museum. I have heard from numerous sources that he held a strong grudge against Patrick. From Ian Norton's own documents, it is clear that he tried numerous avenues of destabilisation, without success. My genuine and sincere belief is that Ian Norton exploited and encouraged my staff's complaints against me as a weapon against Patrick.
  • The Mayor should have controlled his Aldermen when he became aware of their misbehaviour in 2008 and numerous times since, but did not.
  • The Mayor failed to take public resolutions to Council, namely having to do with releasing the Sage Report and calling for a proper independent investigation, and instead tabled resolutions that were the polar opposite.
  • With full knowledge of Dobrzynski's past problems at Moorabool Shire Council (e.g., lack of transparency, inappropriate Aldermanic involvement, and ignoring the law), Council not only allowed him to do what he did to me and my supervisor, but indeed commended him on his performance in doing so.

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